Not your ordinary production company, LifeLine Cinema caters to the finer side of film making. The word “Cinema” is defined in many ways, however, all meanings allude to the word “Art”. The creators of this company hold the ideal that film is not just entertainment, but an art form to stimulate the mind, educate it, and inspire it.

Mission Statement

To Fuel the Creation of High Caliber Cinematic Experiences.


Yasmin Neal

Through her vast experience in politics, law, and storytelling she finds that they all have one thing in common. The ability to move and help people. Yasmin prides herself on telling a good story, so come join her by the fire so she can tell you one.
“Theres nothing better, than a great storyteller”

Elisa Duran

A creator, a motivator, and an entrepreneur. From a young age, Elisa Duran has been inspired by her travels to tell stories that paint the world with many strokes. As the organizational wiz for Lifeline Cinema, she ensures projects meet the industry standard for the big screen.
``There's power in the stories untold, so let's tell them.``

Chaun Pinkston

Chaun has over 15 years of entertainment and entrepreneurial experience. As a managing partner of Lifeline Cinema, Chaun is the go to person for the Indie filmmaker who needs a little encouragement to take their dream to the next level. Her personal motto is “Inspiration leads to creation and we have everything we need to create our world

Aileen Michelle

A creator of many mediums on both the technical side and the artistic side, Aileen Michelle has been telling stories since she could first speak. It began on paper with words and then evolved into visuals with sound. She not only forges stories of her own, but can also bring life to yours through LifeLine Cinema.


Our Goal

Before being greenlit, every project must successfully pass through our strict 4 core values listed below. It is because of these 4 rigorous, let's call them standards, that we are able to cultivate the art that we do. Think of it as our checks and balances, nothing get's passed us four without meeting these four.

Exceptional Quality

To summarize, we strive for excellence in every stage of our process. From the story to the cinematography to the emotion to the music, every aspect is as important as the rest.

Our Commitment To Each Project.


From the storyline to the visuals and the sound, each frame shall perpetually inhabit the depths of your mind.

We don’t just break the mold, we fearlessly redefine the creation of cinema.

Stylistically, we are spot on. We take the time to ensure each step is taken with a precise vision.
Igniting introspection, enlightenment, and response, that’s what we do. We want our stories to spread conversation like wildfire.