A film by Aileen Michelle
Them is home invasion drama thriller about a Cuban mother on the night her home is invaded by twisted criminals looking to take the children for themselves. She must not only navigate her infiltrated home without raising alarm, but also find a way to protect her children from these dangerous people.

Madam Tarot

A film by Patrick Logan
After the death of her father, a troubled woman finds closure with the help of an unexpected magical character.

Spotlight Blinding

A film by Aileen Michelle
Trying to escape the infinite Black Space, Serena finds herself in the spotlight of friends and foes, but without any grasp of who she is or was, will she know what’s real and whats not?

Queen of Kings

A film by Yasmin Neal
Queen of Kings is based on the true story of the hostile rise to power of Pharaoh Hatshepsut, the first female pharaoh of Egypt to rule for 20 plus years. Lust, love, war and treachery guides this amazing tale of the life of Pharaoh Hatshepsut in what was known as the perfect reign.


TV Pilot by Aileen Michelle & Kelly Frances
Jordan “Jo” Wallace finds herself trying to prove her innocence to her hometown of Redwater amid claims that she is the elusive Red Reaper; the serial killer that killed her best friend, Elizabeth Scott, and seven other teens in the Henderson Mill Massacre two years ago. But with the arrival of new killings, the small town begins its witch hunt to discover the serial killer among them, and bring justice to the chaos. Scapegoats be warned.

Riches, Love, & Fear

A film by Elisa Duran
Riches, Love, & Fear follows the journey of a young boy who after meeting the girl of his dreams must choose between three life-altering paths. This short film is about love, time, courage, growth, and acceptance, but most importantly, it is about choices. Ian Mirabal, finds himself with the desire to prosper due to his father’s struggling business. But through his journey, he learns of his own desire and dreams.

Lost in Mind

A film by Aileen Michelle

A man attempts to reunite with his wife only to see he is trapped in his own mind… is there a way out?